Price Match Promise

Our Price Match Promise is simple.

We will match or beat our competitors’ prices- guaranteed.Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at  11.23.53 PM


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

330 gallon tots, 275 gallons tots

55 gallon Drums, bulk & on-site wet hosing


Armor All 10oz x 12

Armor All 4oz x 24

Black Paint Aerosol

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

Gear oil 80-90 5 gallon pail

Gear oil Full Syn 75/140

Gear Oil Full Syn 75/90

Glue 3M Pro Seal Red, Black, Clear

Glue 3M Pro Seal Yellow

Gorilla Glue

Grease 5 gallon pail

Hi Gas and Low Gas Smog

Hi Gas and Low Gas Scotty

Hi Gas and Low Gas Specilaty

Johnsen brake cleaner x 12

Johnsen carb / fuel inject

Liquid Wrench 24 x 12 oz bottles

Power steering

Race Team Carb Cleaner

Race Team Oil Treatment

Race Team Gas Treatment

Race Team Octane Booster

Rearview Mirror Glue 12 / case

Silicone Tubes Grey 12 / case

Silicone Tubes Black 12 / case

Tire inflator with hose

WD 40 x 15 x 12 oz bottles / case

Windshield Wiper Fluid 6 x 1gal


Mobil 0W40 Super Synthetic cases

Mobil 1 6 quarts

Mobil 5000 12 quarts

Mobil 1×55 gal drums

Mobil Special


Castrol All Vehicle ATF Import

Castrol All Vehicle ATF Domestic

Castrol all grades

Chevron all grades

Chevron Dello

Dello 400 15w40 cases

Hydraulic Oil AW 68, 46, 32


Penzoil all grades

Quaker State Full Synthetic all weights

RS One 15w40 CI4 12 x 1 qts

Race Team all grades

1030, 1040, 2050, 520, 530, ATF

Shell Full Synthetic all weights

Shell all grades

Super S Full Synthetic All weights

Super S 15w40 Full Synthetic 3 Pack

Super S Full Synthetic All weights

Super S All Vehicle ATF 12 / case

Union 76 all grades


15w40 CJ4 LOW EMISSION OIL x 55 gal drum

15w40 CI4

15w40 Dello x 55 gal drum

ATF Dex 3×55 gal drum

Bulk Oil 10w30, 10w40,20w50, 5w20, 5w30

Quik T Unilube (Conoco Oil)

10w30, 10w40, 5w20, 5w30

Quik T unilube 20w50

Race PRO Full Synthetic SMGF5 x 55 gal drum

Race Team Full Synthetic SMGF5 x 55 gal drum

API Cert

Super S trans. ATF

Super S Full Synthetic API Bulk or Drums


AC Delco

AC Delco Red

Delta 50/50

Peak Antifreeze 50/50

Peak Extended life 50/50

Peak All Weather 100 %

Prestone Extended Life Antifreeze 100%

Prime Universal Yellow

Race Team Antifreeze 50/50

Shell Zone Green HD Antifreeze 100%

Bulk Antifreeze50/50 Green

50/50 Red Extended Life

50/50 Yellow Universa

Concentrated Antifreeze

Freon 30 lb cylinders

Freon – Chinese and US

Freon 12 x 1 lb cans


1. Empty 55 gallon open top drum

2. Empty 55 gallon closed top plastic drum

3. Waste Flammables – Aerosols

2.1 UN1950 RCRA HAZ Waste

4. Waste Water Based Paint – Latex paint


5. Waste Oily Water – Non RCRA HAZ Waste Liquid

6. Empty / Used Paint Cans – Empty Paint Cans, Oil Debris,

Used Absorbent Non RCRA Haz Waste Solid

7. Used Batteries UN2800 Wet Non Spillable

Electric Storage 8 PGII

8. Waste Paint Thinner RCRA

Haz Waste 55 gallon drum Extra

9. Paint filters NON Flammable

10. Paint Filters Flammable RCRA HAZ Waste

11. New Wash Thinner

12. Lacquer Thinner

13. Pre Inspection Consulting Services

14. Hazardous Materials Inventory Update

15. HAZ Materials Business Plan Review and Update